How to Become a Better Speaker

Novice speakers need to improve their speaker skills. Whether you want to become a professional public speaker, or you speak to advance your career just within your company, you'll want to get better at speaking.

Practice speaking to an audience. If you are just starting out, you will need to practice your presentations and polish them before you speak and present before a live group or audience.

Speak to your family:
Your family doesn't have to be the size of the Duggars family for it to behoove you to practice your speaking skills in front of them. You can practice your speech and presentation in the living room in front of your nieces and nephews or in front of your grandparents. Your family loves you and will encourage you. When you are a novice speaker, you both need lots of practice and loads of encouragement. By practicing your speech in front of your family, you will get both at one time!

Speak at your faith community:
Whatever your philosophy on life or religion is, your faith community has opportunities for you to practice and make a presentation before them. You can find one of the ministry groups to speak in front. Ask them if you could make a 10 minutes presentation to them so you can practice. Because they are your spiritual community family, most of them will say or find a way to say yes to encourage you and help you get better. And isn't that what you're hoping to do after all?

Speak to your friends:
Your friends offer another help non-outside public group of people to whom you can speak and practice polishing your speaker skills. Invite a group of your friends over to your house telling them you want to practice your speaking skills before them. Ask them if they will help you out. Because they are your friends, they are highly likely to agree and comply. Plus you get the added advantage that as your friends they will likely praise your efforts in a similar fashion to your family and community.

These are just 3 simple examples of places and people where you can practice and improve your novice speaker skills to advance your career and capabilities. When you do that, you develop yourself and increase your chances for career and professional advancement. With the current economy, everyone can benefit from developing their business leadership skills and professional abilities themselves. When you take the time to advance your career yourself, management notices and appreciates your doing so. That gives you an edge for your career, whatever industry or field you are in professionally. Keep practicing and you will always get better at speaking.

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