Grow Up, Do Not Grow Old

Do not grow old

Life is a process of making your today better than your yesterday. Till the time this process carries on, you keep growing up, no matter how old you are. But, the day this process stops and you stop improving your life, that day you stop growing up and start growing old. People start seeing their end getting nearer and nearer, and that's how life ends before actually ending.

I have seen people who stop themselves from learning new things, increasing their exposure and familiarizing themselves with the new technology, the very day their hair show their first grays. They stop wearing their favorite bright colors, they stop having fun. They do not get their cloths designed to the latest fashion no matter how much it suits them. Taking exercise and keeping their weight under strict observation is a sin for them. All this is done for very ridicules reasons, and their usual excuses are; what will people say, or it is not the age to do this, or what good it will do me now?

If an elderly person has not learnt to do something in young age he most likely, will not try to learn it now, when he might actually find time to do so. What book says that you cannot learn swimming, driving, operating computers, web surfing, using latest mobiles or any other stuff that you missed in your early years? What book says that you cannot choose a different career at the age of 50? What book says that a 50 years old teacher cannot quit his job and join a textile designing college and become a renowned designer at the age of 53 or so?

Why do we encourage old people to stop living a life that they want to? Why do we want them to sit down in a rocking chair read novels and stare outside the window and try to find peace for themselves in last years of their life. Who are we to decide, that what years are going to be the last year of their life?

Most of us discourage our parents and others aged people from planning to start new projects. May be we think that they are disobeying the rules of aging. We, somewhere inside, fear that it is too late for them to start something, and suggest them to rest.

But the question is what is resting? When a person does not feel like pushing himself to do something, when a person respects the wish of his tiered body to feel better and regain its lost or utilized energy, it is the state of resting. It is actually absence of mental and physical fatigue and boredom.

Physical fatigue is caused by hard physical work or may be by a constant use of the body, the muscles and bones.

But how mantel fatigue is caused? One of America's most renowned psychiatrists, Dr. A.A Brill declares that "one hundred percent of the fatigue of the sedentary workers in good health is due to psychological factors, by which we mean emotional factors."

What kind of emotional factors are those? These factors are boredom, resentment, a feeling of not being appreciated, and a feeling of futility, anxiety and worry. These factors produce fatigue and tiredness.

Now the physical fatigue and tiredness may diminish through taking a good sleep. Or, in case of some people, by taking a good long shower or by taking exercise. You can even gain the lost energy by taking a nice cup of tea or coffee. But how to gain back mental energy. Do you believe that sitting idle and thinking of never to jump into a new project or taking any risks is resting? And it will bring back the lost mental energy? Does it seem like a rational idea to you?

Do we expect a person to feel relaxed when he has nothing to look up to, when he has nothing going on in his life which can give him a sense of achievement? Let us suppose a person is retired and sitting at home in his balcony, he has nothing to look up to, has no project to plan, has nowhere to go to, has no important phone calls to make. He just has a window or a balcony to look out from. Is he relaxing?

If a person has nothing going on in his life then obviously he will generate those emotional factors which cause mental fatigue so this is not resting at all.

So, how to get rid of mantel fatigue? Unoccupied brain is not a resting brain; it's a rusting brain and dying equipment. People should do whatever makes them feel good about themselves. If you want to give yourself peace of mind and a satisfactory rest, it is not necessary to find it in a rocking chair. There are people among us who like to do heavy workout in the evening to get rid of the tiredness of a busy day. Some people after getting really tiered do painting and standing for hours and playing with colors, concentrating on the every small details of their piece of art does not make them tiered.

My husband works for a private firm that handles business development projects of multinational companies. He works there as a client and vendor coordinator. So, basically his job is to coordinate among three separate ends; the bosses, the vendors and the actual clients. It is like juggling with three balls all day long and it takes within city travelling as well. Therefore facing traffic is still another task that he has to handle. He comes home and then he has to spend an hour or so with his 4 years old daughter. During that time he takes dinner and then he sets off to the snooker club nearby. He is a remarkable player of snooker. And once he starts playing he loses the track of time. It does not make him tiered or dizzy or sleepy at all. One day he came back home and according to his routine when he decided to go to the club, I told him not to. He agreed to stay home. I went away for 2 minutes and when I came back to living room, he was on the couch with the remote in his hand, the TV was on and he was fast asleep snoring like an old car's engine.

This happens to all of us, when we do something we like to do, when we do something we are actually good at, when we do something that provides us a feeling of achievement, we get all lively and energetic. But if we are not getting all this satisfaction, the tiredness takes over and we feel fatigued in our mind and in our body.

So if we want to provide ourselves with the mantel satisfaction, the sense of achievement and the absence of fatigue. We first of all need to pick a line that we are really good at. Instead of pushing ourselves to live a life that we are not made to live. We should choose a lifestyle that reveals what we are inside and then if we want a feeling of being appreciated and want to provide ourselves with rest and relaxation, we need to live a life with an element of continuous improvement.

Moreover, we have to forget how old we are. We have to ignore that we are retired. That we are at the age which is considered an age when a person is expected to let all their plans of self development projects come to an end. We have to ignore all these thoughts and adopt a lifestyle that makes us feel good about ourselves, a lifestyle that allows us to grow up a little more everyday and avoid getting old and dying before actually dying. Because life does come to an end eventually, but it is better to keep growing up till the last day of our life, than to end our dreams and end our life before the heart stops beating

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