Everything You Need To Know About Lazy Town

Lazy town is an Icelandic/USA children's program that promotes healthy living, exercise and good nutrition. It was created by Magnus Scheving, an Icelandic gymnast who was the Icelandic Men Individual aerobic gymnastic champion in 1992, the Scandinavian champion in 1992 and the European champion in 1994 and 1995.

The show Lazy town first aired in 2004 and features a mixture of CGI animation, puppetry and live action. It centers on the adventures of the Lazy town residents as they try to be more active and health conscious and their dealings with the villain Robbie Rotten's schemes with the help of super-fit superhero Sportacus.

The Characters

Stephanie - Stephanie moves to Lazy town in the first episode to stay with her uncle, Mayor Meanswell. She is a young girl who is very active and loves the colour pink - her clothes, hair and everything else that she owns is pink. Her time is spent trying to encourage the other children to be active and eat healthily, whilst spoiling Robbie Rotten's lazy plans.

Sportacus - Sportacus is played by the show's creator Magnus Sheving and is the town's resident superhero that comes from an island somewhere in the North Sea. This is evidently a reference to Iceland, where both the show and Magnus originate from. He wears a number 10. His main job is encouraging the children of Lazy town to stay active and eat healthy "sports candy" Sports candy refers to any vegetables and fruit and is the main source of Sportacus' super strength and agility.

Robbie Rotten - Robbie Rotten is the villain of the show. He doesn't like anyone, especially the children being too active and eating healthily and always comes up with plans to ensure that Lazy town stays that way. There is a touch of irony in the fact that Robbie uses a lot of energy and activity to put his plans into place meaning that he might be the most active rather than the laziest of the town. In every episode he wears terrible disguises.

Ziggy - Ziggy is a great lover of all types of candy, in particular taffy. He is the first to meet Stephanie and quickly learns from her and Sportacus that there is more to life than just eating junk food and sitting around doing nothing. He aspires to be a superhero like Sportacus.

Stingy - Stingy by name stingy by nature. He is a very selfish boy who does play with the other children in the gang, but cares more about his possessions than his friends. He is particularly fond of his piggy bank and his car - a 1978 Mini Cooper. His catchphrase is "It's mine!" and he even sings a song which is about everything that is his, which is everything in Lazy town. This includes the other characters "feelings"

Trixie - She is the most mischievous of the children and likes drawing moustaches on posters of Lazy town Mayor Meanswell. She does like to play with the rest of the gang and will call Stephanie "Pinky" when she is trying to speak to her.

Pixel - Pixel is the computer whiz kid of the group and spends too long on the computer. He spends his time playing on the computer and building gadgets that mean he doesn't have to do things for himself, like tie his shoelaces. From the very first episode it is evident that he has a rather big crush on Stephanie.

Mayor Milford Meanswell - Mayor Meanswell is Stephanie's uncle and has a crush on Ms Busybody. He cares deeply about his niece and relies on Sportacus' help if she is feeling down. He is not very clever when it comes to new technologies and once tried to send what he called "b-mail" on a computer. Whenever anything goes wrong he is famous for saying "Oh my!"

Bessie Busybody - Ms Busybody is a friend of the mayor who can at times be patronizing, both with the Mayor and the children. She has at times displayed a motherly attitude towards the children. She can be seen talking on her cell phone a lot and likes to keep up with the latest fashions and trends.

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