Year of the Water Snake 2013-14: Fortunes of the Rabbit/Hare

Your birth year, the Chinese Zodiac's fourth Sign 'lucky' Rabbit? If you were 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 (and so-on in 12-year increments) between 3rd February 2011 and 23rd January 2012 (Rabbit/Hare Year's end) know of a baby born during this period or have partners, friends, relatives, colleagues parents or children in this category? If so, this article is for you!

The Rabbit/Hare

Years of the RABBIT/HARE:

1903 Water; 1915 Wood; 1927 Fire; 1939 Earth; 1951 Metal; 1963 Water; 1975 Wood; 1987 Fire; 1999 Earth; 2011 Metal, 2023 Water.

Famous Rabbit/Hares Include:

Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, David Beckham, Ingrid Bergman, Albert Einstein,Orson Wells, Donnie Yen, Bob Hope, Angelina Jolie, Lewis Carroll, John Cleese, Leon Trotsky, Li Lin-Jie (Jet Li) Frank Sinatra, Tiger Woods and Whitney Houston.


Rabbit/Hares are considered the luckiest of the Chinese Zodiac's 12 Animal Signs. Usually laid-back and relaxed Rabbits/Hares being conservative and risk-averse at heart are rarely tempted to gamble but do so skillfully, when the occasion arises. Reliable, trustworthy and dependable, Rabbit/Hares are articulate, virtuous and well-liked

Rabbits are sometimes prone to gossip and small-talk and can be a little too easy-going at times. Rabbits can be be over-cautious and sometimes excessively modest and self-effacing.

Ideal Rabbit/Hare Careers and Occupations Include:

Fashion, Design, Medicine, Administration, Politics, Diplomacy, Writing and Publishing, Education, Performing Arts, and Public Relations-Rabbits/Hares also make excellent Therapists.


Rabbits/Hares are most compatible with individuals born under the Signs of the Dog and Pig. They are least compatible with those born under the Signs of the Rooster and Rat.

The Rabbit/Hare in Snake Year 2013-14

Snake year contains hidden dangers for Rabbits, particularly regarding financial matters. Take care with respect to those around you and don't be too trusting lest hard-earned wealth suffers a negative outflow.

Rabbit stubbornness may cause friction in close relationships and good communication skills may be required. Overall, Rabbits' health should be fairly good during the period although colds, flu and headaches may be a problem at times.

Regarding Rabbits

Rabbits' Longevity links are well known.The Rabbit's Lunar-location (see below) emphasises this via the Moon's well-known reproductive-cycle links. Rabbits are also considered the most fortunate or 'lucky' of the 12 Animal signs..

Look carefully at the next full moon- the Chinese see a Rabbit, under a tree, with the elixir of life in its paw. As they reproduce so quickly, the world will never experience a rabbit-shortage! Thus, the Rabbit is a Chinese longevity symbol.

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