Bodacious Branding

A strong, compelling brand is significantly important as the battle for clients heats up day by day. Be watchful as you build your brand. A brand is a promise of the quality your client will receive. As you prepare your brand, maintain consistency across all of your communication as this will prevent confusion for your clients.

Incorporate these powerful ideas as you build your brand.

1. Spend time researching your target market. Avoid seeking to become all things to all people. To generate a effective brand you must you have to understand what your prospective clients are looking for. Pinpoint on your target market and analyze their specific needs. How are you meeting those needs?

2. Research your competitors. Are other suppliers meeting those needs? Examine your offerings to those being offered by others in your industry. Is there an aspect that the challengers is ignoring?

3. What do you do better than the rest? What is your specialty? Does your brand communicate your competence? What makes you distinctive?

4. What are you actually selling? What you sell is much different than what you offer. Walmart offers a wide wide selection of goods, some of which have been discounted as loss leaders. What Walmart actually sells however is a friendly, one-stop shopping experience for the whole family. You can purchase a cup of coffee at McDonalds but most would rather to go to Starbucks despite the fact that Starbucks coffee costs a good bit more. Although Starbucks offers coffee it sells a comfortable, attractive site in which individuals may get together and converse. Discover and incorporate what you actually sell in your branding concept.

5. Create captivating value propositions to communicate these benefits, results and solutions your product/service produces. It is beneficial to contrast between features and benefits. A feature is a specific attribute or aspect of your product such as size, color, potency, options available, etc. A benefit is the advantage a client enjoys from the use of your product such as relief from pain, convenience, less stress, cleaner home, etc. Effective, compelling brands are built around v p. As you work to fashion your brand consult the book POP- Stand Out in Any Crowd by Sam Horn. Sam is a master at the art of creating 'purposeful and pithy' branding statements.

6. Be novel. Is your brand eye catching? According to Dr. A.K. Pradeep in his book The Buying Brain "Our brains are trained to look for something brilliant and new, something that stands out from the landscape... " As new clients look at your Facebook page or website, are they engaged or bored by the 'sameness'. Be unique. Chose appealing colors, uncluttered layouts and upbeat music.

Your brand is the focal piece in your company's marketing and communication strategy. It is not about getting your clients to choose you over the competition. It is about getting your prospective buyer to see you as the only one that provides a solution to their problem. By defining your brand you generate the foundation for all other components to build on.

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