Why Can't I Get A Girlfriend?

You may be wondering why you cannot have a girlfriend while you have (or it's what you think) many advantages over those guys who actually get the girl.

Okay, let me first ask you some questions...

What is love? What do you know about it?

Why do you think people fall in love? And why do you think that a girl would fall in love with you?

If there are plenty of fish, so why cannot you get only one?!!

Actually, I am sure that you do not have a clear answer, and this is exactly the core problem.

So, let me answer...

What is love?

Love is nothing more than a way or a method people use to keep the attached to things or persons who can bring them some happiness.

If you enjoy playing football, then football can make you happy and so YOU LOVE FOOTBALL.

If you enjoy the company of a friend, and that friend can make you happy, then you love this friend.

If a girl or a woman finds a man, and this man can make her happy, then guess what?? She will fall in love with him! SIMPLE LIKE THAT!

So, the secret to have one woman (or more) is that you can provide her with powerful emotions and most of them are positive and can bring happiness to her.

You got it? It is not about you as a person. It is not about your looks. It is not about your money. It is not about your intelligence or your successful career. It's all about what you can do to make her happy and how able you are to make her happy.

But, is it possible to make a woman happy without any of the above?

The answer is YES with a capital Y, however it would be even easier if you have any of the above. But if you do not have any of the above, then you must have one specific trait... What is it?? It's called CONFIDENCE and CHARISMA.

A woman is more comfort and so more happy when being in the company of a confident man.. A man who can take the lead.. A man who knows what to do and how... In a nutshell... A resourceful man.

So what can you do about it now? What can you do just right now to solve this problem?

Actually many things, but let's focus on those who are simple but most effective..

1- Change your beliefs.

As you can see, it is not about you at all, it is about how you can make her happy. So do not even think that a woman will love you for your money or will not love you because you are not rich. Of course there are some materialistic women, however the majority is not like that, and even those who may love you because of your money or looks are women with low self-esteem or who are showy and your money and looks may provide them with some compensation or make them able to brag, and so they can feel happy.

2- Work on your self-confidence and self-esteem.

As I told you, confidence is that specific trait that most women would die for, so being confident will give you the courage to approach the kind of women you like, and of course will give you that kind of charm that will keep them attached to you.

3- Smile.

Your smile can tell women many things. First you are very confident person, second, you are happy in your life and so you can provide them with happiness and joy. Got it??

4- Improve yourself and your abilities.

What if you can even be more attractive? Would you say no?

If you are over weight, then lose some weight. If you are too skinny, then hit the gym. If you can buy some fashionable and nice clothes then why not? If you can get a nice hair cut so why not? If you can work even more hard or get another job or set your own business to increase your income, then why not?!! If you can do something to improve whatever can be improved, then go get it done!

5- Take action.

I am not going to tell you to stop reading and just take action. Actually reading is what will make you even better, however reading without applying what you read is nothing and will bring you nothing.

It will even make you more disappointed because you think you did what can be done and you did not get any results!

Again action is what matters because action is what going to tell women about the great you. Consider yourself a great product. If you do not make the necessary marketing for this product, then how do you think women can even know about you?!

Just go and show them who you are.

Make no mistake about it. keep reading but make sure that you dedicate 20% of your time to reading and 80 % for applying what you have read.

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