What Are You Sacrificing?

Style versus comfort. Chic versus easy. Polished versus simple. Do you feel you have to choose one or the other? Well I have news for you. Not only should you NOT sacrifice what's important to, it's imperitive that you DON'T.

One question I get asked frequently is "Should I sacrifice style for comfort?" My answer is that you don't have to sacrifice either, ever! Why? Because both are equally important - the style factor is what helps you to create an image that looks polished and pulled together, and boosts your credibility. It's what sends the message that you value and care for yourself. Yet if you discount the comfort factor, the ease or anything else, you're going to feel like you're wearing something that doesn't belong on your body. And when you're uncomfortable and can't wait to take off what you're wearing, you send off a negative energy and are focused inward, rather than on your family, friends, clients, etc.

I had one client who came to a StyleFinder™ party to discover her StyleFinder™ iD. Before we determined what it was, she told me she hadn't gotten anything done at work today because she felt uncomfortable in her clothes. She had worn a silk shirtdress. Once she took the assessment and I was able to determine that comfort was key for her, I informed her that by sacrificing comfort she also sacrificed her productivity - not good for her career! So her big a-ha was that she doesn't have to sacrifice style OR comfort but can actually wear outfits that bridge the gap.

If you feel that you're sacrificing something that is vitally important to you, I want you to ask yourself why. Is it because you don't know what to wear? Is it because you're wearing something you feel you should wear, but don't really want to? Is it because you don't value yourself enough to think it's important? Whatever the reason, I want to share a few tips with you to help you embrace all that is important to you and your style while looking and feeling your best!

1/ Is comfort key? It is for many women, but often times they feel they can't look both comfortable and chic. I'm here to tell you, you can! Choose items that look chic but are made in a fabric that has a bit of stretch and ease to it including suits, jackets and tops.

2/ Footwear flops. Do you have issues with wearing heels for one reason or another? That doesn't mean you're relegated to wearing sneakers or other clunky, outdated styles. Today there are many fashionable and comfortable styles available in a variety of heel heights.

3/ Details matter. If you want to take your style to a new level without a complete overhaul, make simple swaps. Swap out your old 'mom' jeans for a chic pair of trouser jeans. They're just as comfortable, yet look much more stylish!

Ask yourself what you're sacrificing. If it's your whole style or even your self-esteem, then start with one simple thing. Reclaiming your style can be an easy and fun process that starts with one simple step. I want you to enjoy the process!

Want to shed light on your style and discover how you can shine?

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