The Wide Array of Links of London Charms

No doubt Links of London has caused a revolution in the women's fashion and jewelry industry. A wide variety of women's jewelry such as bangles, bracelets, charms, earrings, rings and much more is offered in the retail stores. Many women already own bracelets. Others often decide to explore the vast array of charms that can be attached to the bracelets.

There happen to be various ranges of charms that are offered. Depending on their preference and individual taste, women will be able to find all sorts of charms at Links of London, such as those made from enamel or from some stone, or ones shaped like initials. The charms can be exclusively purchased from a single range or from a mixture of them all.

The simplest designs available are the silver initial charms that are available in the shape of all the letters of the alphabet that have simple, straight lines. These charms make the perfect anniversary, birthday or Valentine's Day gift because they can be used to spell out affectionate message like "LOVE YOU," names or sayings.

Stone charms from Links of London are also available in an extensive range of designs, including domes, rings and crosses. These charms are not only durable, but also have a feminine touch and are quite pretty. The ones that are cross shaped have the stone in the middle of a metal outline, while the dome shaped charms have the stone at the bottom and appear like droplets. The ones that are cross-shaped have the stone in the middle of a metal outline, while the dome-shaped charms have the stone at the bottom and appear like droplets.

Links of London charms are also made from enamel, and they do are available in several designs. In fact, these enamel charms are a lot more diverse and colorful. They are available in shapes such as big apples, birthday cakes, Catherine wheels, cocktail glasses and often even have messages on them too.

Thus, women actually get to reflect their lifestyles by creating building up unique charm bracelets using these charms. From Links of London, women will be able to find charms in all shapes and sizes for just about any special occasion or event, or simply for daily use. The store also specifically caters to special occasions like graduations, 21st birthdays and sweet 16s. Charms that incorporate elements from various special occasions are conveniently available.

Apart from enamel and stones, charms made from sterling silver and 18ct gold are also available as well. These gold and silver charms can make the perfect gift for a special woman. Even the gold and silver charms are available in a variety of shapes such as four leaved clovers, hearts, shoes, stars, etc. Charms are also made from white gold too, while others even have embedded diamonds in them. Thus, it is apparent that the variety of Links of London charms is quite diverse and vast.

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