Cake Decorating Ideas: How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Cake

The cutting of the cake will be one of the most important photos in your wedding album. Few decisions are as delightful as choosing the perfect wedding cake. There are many types, colors, and designs to choose from. You want a wedding cake that not only looks beautifully, but has an amazing taste. The cake can be decorated with fondant or marzipan, frosted with colored butter cream, or filled with mousse. Typical decorations include bows and swirls, chocolate chips, edible flowers, ribbons, ruffles, and lace designs.

Here are a few simple tips on how to choose the perfect wedding cake:

Plan Things Ahead

Give yourself enough time to choose a wedding cake. Think about decorations, filling, toppings, color, and shape. Three to six months is enough time to make a decision. Be aware that talented pastry chefs who are in high demand can be booked out during the summer season.

Look for Cake Decorating Ideas

While your wedding theme might suggest the type of cake, there are plenty of options to choose from. Look in old family photos for cake decorating ideas, read wedding magazines, and search for blogs and websites featuring different types of cakes. Inspire yourself from the latest cake trends. Most wedding cakes are adorned with flowers made of silk or icing. You can also opt for fresh flowers. Inspiration can come from four places: the menu, location, fashion, and nature. Details from the wedding can influence the appearance of the cake.

Find a Reputable Chief

Check out general wedding sites and begin your research online. Talk with several chiefs before choosing one. Visit bakeries and ask to see pictures of their work. Ask a few questions before you make a decision. Can the cake stand the heat? How should the cake be displayed? How many tiers is it going to have? What colors and decorations are available? Discuss about cake size, cost, date and time of pickup, deposit amount, and number of guests. The cake you choose must taste as good as it looks.

Price It Out

Wedding cakes are usually priced by the slice. The more sophisticated the cake is, the higher the price tag. If you want lace detailing and elaborate molded shapes, you will pay for the designer's labor. A simple design will be less expensive. Most designers will work with you to create a wedding cake that suits your taste and your budget.

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