Simple SEO Tips to Have High Online Leverage

Optimized websites have a great advantage over those that are not: they land on the first page of a search engine results page. As an effect, they have more visitors, which may translate to more sales.

Some individuals who are not familiar with search engine optimization (SEO) think that it is all about injecting frequently searched words in the content. The truth is successful search engine visibility does not focus on quantity of words alone. Other techniques are needed to effectively optimize a site.

Here are some of the techniques you can apply to get a high online leverage over your competitors:

Online directories are your site's best friends, so submit your website to them. They are essential to basic SEO and SEM strategies and help form a list of links that point to your site. Submitting your online portal to hundreds of directories can be very tedious, thus you can subcontract the job to an affordable submission service. Be patient though; directories do not get indexed right away. You can also look for established websites related to your business and ask owners to link your site to theirs.

Compose top-quality, useful articles that talk about your business or industry, and submit them to online magazines or article directories. Doing this regularly can create massive awareness. That is because when someone finds your article interesting or useful, he or she will most likely go to the source, which is your website. Do not forget to include a by-line at the end of your article that contains a link to your site.

In addition, since blogging is fast becoming popular, take an active part in the blogosphere. A blog provides interesting articles about the human side of your business. Include a page, tab, sub-domain, or a link that leads to your blog in your main website. Reciprocally, add a link from your blog to your main website.

Finally, engage in actual printed PR campaigns aside from submitting electronic copies to publicity sites. Submit an advertisement to your local publication. People still read newspapers, journals, and magazines. Yes, old-fashioned media can indeed help you publicize your website!

True to the fact that getting online presence to an enormous audience is the most challenging feat that any one who wants to be on the first page in any SERP. But the best thing is that as long as we practice ethical techniques in SEO, then Panda and Penguin wont be much of a bother.

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