How To Use Social Media As An Effective Recruiting Tool

Today, social media is much more than just a platform for friends to keep in touch. It is also an effective recruiting tool for the HR professionals. The modern recruiter knows that this medium is an important source that cannot be ignored when looking for right candidates to join the organization. A recent market study done by Reppler, the social media monitoring service, showed that about 90 percent of the recruiters and hiring professionals are visiting the social media profiles of the potential candidates as a part of the initial screening process.

It was further mentioned that nearly 70 percent of the rejections were mainly because something objectionable was found on these social profiles of the rejected candidates. Thus the social network profiles work really well when it comes to checking the background of the potential candidates. Here are some of the popular social network sites and how you can use them as an effective recruiting tool.

Twitter: This micro-blogging site can be used to inform potential candidates about the new job openings in your organization. When posting your tweets, utilize the proper keywords and make sure that you subsequently use the hashtags. Furthermore, you must tweet your job openings as many times as possible using tools like SocialBro to ensure that your tweets show when your target audience is online.

Facebook: You must create a career section on your company's Facebook profile to inform your subscribers and visitors about the job openings. You must also post new jobs occasionally so that it may show up in the news feeds of the people who have liked your Facebook page.

LinkedIn: This is the greatest and most effective recruiting tool used by the HR professionals. LinkedIn is a social media profile, especially developed for the working professionals to come together and share common interests. It is mainly concerned about all professional matters. You can post job requirements on the site and also ask for referrals from the members. You must have a follow button and job section on your profile page.

Google+: This social media site is comparatively new and not so popular in terms of recruitment; however you cannot ignore the potential of Google+. As it allows you to put anyone in your social circle, it provides you the opportunity to make anyone who is related to your industry to notice your job postings.

Pinterest: Although this is a relatively new social media site, it is one of the fastest growing networks with visitors constantly increasing since its inception. The biggest attraction of Pinterest is that it is visually appealing. The site has been retaining its users more effectively than any other social media network. But, the question is - can it be used as an effective recruiting tool? Well, if you are looking for a candidate in the fashion or design industry, you can use this social media for hiring the right candidate. However, the very fact that a large number of people from diverse backgrounds are using Pinterest, provides enough reasons to use this site for finding the right candidates.

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