How To Get The Right Haircut

The perfect haircut can make all the difference to not only how we look but also how we feel about ourselves. Getting our haircut makes us feel pampered and gives our self esteem a boost, especially when the compliments start rolling in.

So what is the key to getting the right cut for you?


Your lifestyle will play a big part in the type of style you choose. Generally longer hair requires more care and attention that shorter style. If you have a busy schedule a style that you can pull back, or put into a ponytail may suit you. If you play a lot of sport or exercise regularly, having a style that you can 'wash and wear' would be a great option.


If you aren't blessed with the 'style your own hair' gene, a simple cut that doesn't require much work will suit you best. Your hairdresser will be able to offer some tips that will help you make your style look great and will be able to show you how to use styling tools to help you make the most of your cut.

Face Shape

Different face shapes suit different cuts. The most common face shapes are oval, round, square, heart, triangular, diamond, oblong, to figure out what your face shape is, pull your hair away from your face, look into a mirror and then trace around your face using lipstick, or an eye pencil, onto the mirror, when you step away you'll be able to see what your shape is.


There are plenty of sources for finding inspiration for your haircut. There are great online resources including sites such as Pinterest. Magazines have always been a staple source of haircut inspiration, and you'll find these at your hairdressers or you can buy style and fashion magazines. Film and television, or style icons have always been a place to spot trends.


Your stylist will also be able to offer you great advice about your haircut and will take into consideration all of the above to ensure that your cut not only suits your face shape, but also your lifestyle and the time you have to dedicate to your daily hair routine.

Your haircut should be one that you can easily manage, that suits you and makes you feel good, and that you love to wear. If you are getting compliments about your hair you know you got it right.

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