A Funded Proposal Will Grow Your MLM Business

You're probably asking yourself, "What is a funded proposal?" It is a very powerful tool to help with your MLM sponsoring. The basics of a funded proposal work like this: You create a capture page that promotes a very inexpensive product. It can either be something you create, like an instructional eBook, or an affiliate product of someone else. The whole idea is to build your list while making some money at the same time to help cover your advertising costs. While you're growing your list and selling low cost products to these people, you are also building a relationship with them as well.

Once your funded proposal has brought these new leads in, it is then your job to continue the relationship building, to show them that you are a leader that is very knowledgeable and can provide them with MLM help. Once they get to know, like and trust you, they will be approaching you to join your primary (higher priced) primary MLM business. This is known in the industry as attraction marketing. It is something that every top Internet Marketer uses.

It is almost impossible to have MLM success going any other route. It is necessary that you use some type of funded proposal. Most MLM businesses are priced rather high. They can cost anywhere from $300 up to $1,500 or more to join. Approaching and advertising your expensive primary business to strangers is a recipe for failure. Sadly this is the old-fashioned approach that most network marketing companies teach.

Imagine if a stranger on the street approached you and asked you to join his MLM business which cost $1,000. Would you be willing to trust this individual and invest a large amount of money in his business? I'm sure the answer is no! Even if he tells you that he will be sponsoring you and guiding you ever step of the way to ensure your success, you still won't do it. This is because you have no idea who this guy is, if he has any knowledge and if he can bring you any MLM help at all.

Now if the same situation happened but it was Donald Trump approaching you, you would give him $1,000 with no questions asked. You wouldn't even care what his MLM business is. You would join regardless because you already know who Donald Trump is and you know that he is a brilliant businessman. You trust that what ever business he is involved with is a good one. You know he a very knowledgeable person and with his guidance, you will have a great chance at being successful. This is exactly what attraction marketing is. Donald Trump doesn't have to go and seek out others to invest large amounts of money with him. They come to him instead. A funded proposal will have the same effect on your MLM sponsoring.

So in conclusion, if you want to ensure your MLM success, you need to have a funded proposal. Once you have one in place, you will notice that the percentage of your leads that sign up in your primary MLM business will drastically increase and you will make some additional money along the way!

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