Do Psychics Use Tarot Cards?

Q: Why do psychics use tarot cards? What is the benefit to using a "prop" if you have natural psychic ability already? Do mediums use tarot as well... and if so, HOW so?

A: Tarot is just a tool, or a way to channel or focus energy and attention in a specific direction. Tarot is also a very symbolic, interpretive art as well... which gives a good psychic a whole new dimension for exploring and expressing their intuitive abilities.

Let me give you a few quick examples that I hope will make more sense.

George Anderson, the famous medium is well known to draw furiously, or sketch on a piece of paper while doing a reading. This is a very simple technique he uses to channel, or focus his mental mediumship on expressing the symbols, signs and messages he gets from beyond.

(and many other psychics and mediums, both famous and little known, use similar tools and techniques, with artistic expression during a reading being pretty common)

Tarot, is similar, although it has some additional advantages. It provides the symbols in a ready made fashion... and a good tarot reader is actually applying BOTH psychic gifts, interpretive psychology and even more exotic skills like the understanding of archetypes, astrology and universal personality traits as well.

A truly special tarot reader is PRIMARILY psychic of course, but uses the tarot to further advance and interpret where their clients are, have been in the past... and are going in the future.

Curious to experience a good tarot reading for yourself? Here are some super simple tips for making sure your next tarot reading is as accurate as possible... and having a good time to boot!

- Do a little bit of due diligence before the reading
Some tarot readers, for example... are NOT psychic at all, and just use the cards for psychological interpretation. Believe it or not, there are some completely NON "psychic" uses for tarot in conventional psychiatry, and while it's definitely not mainstream... I know folks who think psychic abilities are silly, but still use tarot in their therapy practice as a tool.

- Make sure you know what TYPE of reading you need as well.
For example? Mediums rarely use tarot cards as a tool. Most spiritual psychics tend to try to connect to spirit using other techniques... and more often than not, if you are looking for that sort of reading and pick a tarot psychic, you will be disappointed.

Readings that are predictive in nature are PERFECT for tarot. Love, romance and relationship readings in particular. Career, passion and overall life PURPOSE readings are as well!

Remember, have FUN, enjoy yourself and open up your mind, spirit and intuitive heart to the idea that your life DOES have a plan... and let tarot help show you the way!

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