Why Every Student Should Own a School Polo!

There comes a time in every college student's school career when college casual is just not going to be sufficient for certain occasions. Whether it is to give a presentation, attend a school ceremony, or even for those who prefer a more professional look in general, the wash and wear wardrobe will not always be acceptable. When a bit more class is required than a simple fleece or hoodie, a good answer is the polo shirt.


The versatile polo is the perfect in-between for a student wanting more than a gym tee, but not quite so much as a button-down shirt. Easily available in just about every color under the sun, it is hard to believe an institution would not have one available in their school colors with a neatly embroidered insignia. A school polo or two is only as far away as the school store or website. While an embroidered shirt will cost a little bit more than a regular shirt, there are many more occasions when it is more appropriate.


The traditional wardrobe of preppy students everywhere, polo's can be worn with the serious, studious look of the popped collar or the more relaxed folded down collar. Short-sleeved varieties are more popular than long, although often times both options are offered. It is the infamous short-sleeved polo that has made the garment so famous. Worn for decades by students, businesspeople and athletes alike, it gives a person the look of being ready to perform, yet remaining cool and comfortable.

Whether worn by girls or guys, the short-sleeved school polo is able to assume any role. Worn alone with jeans, either tucked in and with a nice belt, or not tucked - this type of garment is neatly casual. Tucked in with khaki pants or a khaki skirt, brown leather belt and loafers to match, the polo is right at home with a scholarly look. Go one step beyond and add the knit sweater, either worn or cuffed together around the neck, and the look is pure Ivy League.

Easy Care

While they do require a little bit more care than a regular tee-shirt or hoodie, the laundering of polo shirts is still fairly easy as they are generally made of durable fabrics that wear well and remain comfortable. Most can be washed in cool or warm water and then tossed into a dryer on a cooler setting to keep that nice, soft feel as well as to prevent wrinkles. After a quick fold that does not even have to be very precise, into the drawer it goes. For those who really want a crisp look, polo's can be ironed as well.

For a student wanting to look casual while showing school spirit and representing their college without having to go as far as dressing up, a polo shirt is a great idea. Anyone can look the part - neat and prepared - while feeling comfortable and still be presentable for most situations without going overboard. For those who like this style for everyday fashion, it is affordable, durable and convenient, all without sacrificing that scholarly impression. For many, a school polo shirt is quite possibly the most perfect, all-around college wear!

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