What to Consider When Shopping for Golf Shoes

Golf is an elite game and would not be complete without its share of fancy accessories. Atop the wish list of many golfers is a new pair of stylish and comfortable golf shoes. So, if you are serious about improving your golf game and your fashion sense at the same time, you will not want to be stingy about investing in a new pair of shoes. If you look around, you will find the prices of golf shoes will range anywhere from $50 - $250 and up. This is no easy decision.

When shopping for a new pair of shoes, you should look for the same things that you look for when you are shopping for your regular shoes. You will consider style, comfort and of course, the price. Generally, the shoes made of the finest leathers will be more expensive, but they will also provide the best comfort.

Here are a few additional features to consider when shopping for a pair of golf shoes.

Metal spikes were very common just a few years ago. Today, a more golf course friendly trend is to wear the softer spiked shoes. Golf courses prefer golfers to wear shoes with the softer spikes as they do less damage to the greens unlike the traditional metal spikes. You should also consider buying the ones that have removable spikes as the spikes will need to be replaced due to everyday wear and tear.

The times are changing and so are the manufacturers' product lines. Many brands including FootJoy and Ecco have come out with less formal shoe lines which are extremely popular right now. Examples of these would be the FootJoy Contour Casual Series or the Ecco Street Premiere. These shoes come with a more retro look and can be worn off the course as well as on it. Today, golf shoes can be fun, stylish and functional all at the same time.

Make sure to buy your shoes from a golf pro shop or purchase them from a reputable online golf shoe retailer. These online shops have closeout sales on many shoe product lines and generally will have the best prices around. The shoes will also be delivered to your front door. These retailers have access to the latest golf shoes and many other golf products like golf balls, gloves and bags at lower prices.

The right golf shoes are essential for your style, comfort and performance. Be sure to select a pair that will give you the traction, style and support you need to walk all 18 holes and finish strong while looking good. You can spend top dollar if you want, just remember there are plenty of great deals out there on Discount Golf Shoes.

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