Teach ESL in Thailand

Thailand is an exotic country and has been a major tourist attraction for many years. The entire nation thrives on the tourism industry and pulls people from all parts of the world. It is imperative for the Thais to communicate in the global language of English with the tourists. Hence, the demand for English trainers in Thailand to teach English to the Thais is huge. Teaching English has been a very popular profession in Thailand and people from Thailand have traveled to Western countries like the UK, USA, Canada and Australia in order to get educated in English. Very recently, English education has been introduced in Thai schools but the demand for English education is huge and poses a huge opportunity for people who are interested in teaching jobs abroad.

For those interested in taking up English teaching jobs in Thailand, the two criteria are fluency in English and an appropriate English teaching course. For getting teaching jobs abroad, it is mandatory to go through either the TEFL (Teaching English as Foreign Language) Course or the TESOL (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages or Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) course.

The TEFL Course is a complete course on the modern technique and skills of teaching English. It helps a teacher to develop the basic language skills like speaking, listening, reading and writing skills and also building vocabulary. This course is intended for teaching young learners and therefore, involves understanding their psyche and planning courses and lessons accordingly. The lessons are executed in an interactive fashion to ensure maximum participation and better retention. The TEFL Course also covers the specific methods of teaching such as classroom management, handling of students and managing any crisis that may arise within a classroom. This course provides all the essential knowledge required for teaching English language and imbibes in a teacher a lot of self-assurance.

Another very renowned course taken up by those interested in taking up teaching jobs abroad is the TESOL Course. It is an advance course training a teacher to teach people of various age groups and coming from different linguistic, regional and social backgrounds. The TESOL Course focuses on the fundamentals of English language like grammar and phonology. Teachers are trained during the course, on helping people to overcome all hindrances and learn to communicate and express themselves in the language of English. TESOL qualified teachers know the technique and can confidently teach English language to very big and mixed groups.

Earlier on, a lot of Westerners migrated and took up English teaching jobs in Thailand. But most of the institutes in Thailand realized that people with English as a mother-tongue are not guaranteed to be good teachers of English language and they started looking for proper qualifications. A TEFL or a TESOL course could easily fetch a job to a person in Thailand with no previous experience of teaching. One could have a stable career while basking in the beauty of Thailand.

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