Finding the Right Sexy Halloween Costume

If you were the mad scientist who owned a time machine and you decided to go back in time 20 years or so during Halloween, you'd see something strange. Instead of skimpy costumes like a sexy French maid, nurse, firefighter, cheerleader, etc., you would see most women would be wearing costumes to dress as their favorite movie character or as more traditional (and clothed) fare, like vampires or zombies.

Things sure have changed since the 90's. Nowadays Halloween is the time of year when women feel comfortable going out in the equivalent of lingerie, but with a theme. While a sexy outfit years ago may have been a sexy Playboy bunny, the options now are limitless (and in some cases, quite ridiculous).

Shopping online or offline you will see an influx of costumes that are sexy, and some that really aren't. On the actually appealing side of things you have the aforementioned costumes, along with revealing, cleavage enhancing costumes like beer maidens, vampires, doctors, lions, tigers, bunnies, superheroes like Wonder Woman or Supergirl, and much more.

If you're in the market for a costume the first thing you'll have to decide is just how revealing you want to be. If you're having a private party with a significant other and no one else we would recommend looking at your local lingerie specialty shop to see what they have to offer. These are definitely not the types of costumes you'd want to be wearing at the company Halloween party!

If you're still filling risky, but don't want to show off too much, you're in luck. The sheer amount of costume ideas means that you can add appeal to many costumes without coming off as going overboard with your costume. Be careful to really think about the setting you're going to be in, since the difference between the bedroom and the company party is wide and can have an impact on your work and/or personal career.

For those not averse to taking a drive into town, just do a quick Google search of costume shops. Most mid-size or larger cities have costume shops available year round. Additionally, seasonal shops always pop up around town, so make sure to do a search for a few locations before you take off on your shopping adventure.

For the more internet oriented folks out there, just do a quick search! You'll be amazed at the literally hundreds of merchants out there that sell sexy costumes in a discrete fashion.

Whatever your choice for a Halloween costume, just remember that the point of the night is to have fun above all else. Enjoy!

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