Why Spray Tan At Home

Although basking in the sun is the most inexpensive way of attaining the attractive bronzy complexion, with the availability of easy fake tanning methods the perfect tanned skin can be acquired without the luxury of a beach vacation.

From celebs to high school students, a significant number of fashionable women and macho men craving for sun-kissed skin are making a beeline for the faux tanning facilities. In recent years, spray has revolutionized the tanning industry. It is considered safer than the traditional tanning beds. Now you can get your skin spray tanned at home in a short time without spending hours absorbing the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Why Spray Tan at Home

Sun bathing, the traditional skin tanning method, is time consuming. Moreover, spending hours in the afternoon sun may cause irreversible damage to the skin cells, increasing the risk of melanoma or skin cancer. The traditional faux tanning processes that expose the skin to intense ultraviolet radiations are more hazardous than sun bathing. The lovely bronzy complexion is attained at the cost of increased risk of skin cancer.

Spray tanning is a safer alternative to sun bathing and other traditional tanning methods using sources of ultraviolet radiation. The active ingredient in spray is dihydroxyacetone or DHA. It is a type of simple sugar derived from plants such as sugarcane or by fermenting glycerin. A chemical reaction that occurs when DHA is exposed to the proteins in the dead skin layer on the surface of the skin causes the skin tanning.

Benefits of Spray Tanning at Home

The bronzing effect of DHA-based skin tanners usually last for three or more days. The tanning lasts longer when erythrulose, another type of simple sugar, is added to the tanner. Both DHA and erythrulose are considered safe for cosmetic use. They are non-carcinogenic and non-toxic. Nonetheless, precautions need to be taken while using spray tanning at home. You should wear lip balm, nose and earplugs while tanning. The ingredients in the spray tanner should not be inhaled. Therefore, hold your breath while your face is being tanned. To get the perfect fake tanned skin devoid of side effects, seek the service of a spray tan professional. To maintain their reputation, spray tan professionals use the best quality tanners and take proper precaution for bronzing the skin.

Immediately after the tan, you will be tempted to showoff your fake sun kissed skin to your friends. But before stepping outdoors remember to use sunscreen of appropriate SPF to protect the skin from the sun.

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