The Expectations of Teenagers in Today's World

The social aspect of life has undergone such a rapid evolution that nowadays there is a general tendency which is inclined towards' nuclear families. In their quest for freedom new couples have brought about a decline in 'extended' families. To avoid the pressure and interferences of the 'in-laws' in their daily life, many married persons prefer to live separately under a new roof. Under this system of living most of the time children are left on their own specially when both father and mother are away at work. When they grow up as teenagers, they have already been conditioned to this type of living.

In comparison to the previous generation brought up under the' extended' families the modern teenagers enjoy more freedom. A radical change is noted in their attitudes, their concepts on different matters, their way of visualising things, their views on several topics and their aspirations. Since the very start during school days they tend to manifest and feel an urgent need for change. Many of them fight for freedom and resist parental influence in various aspects of their life. Friendship plays a preponderant role as far as establishing contacts and consolidating relationships are concerned. This bond is strengthened with extensive communication and friendship is expressed even in the outside world. . It is a crucial stage where they have to be properly understood and guided since it determines to a high level the future developments in life. Dialogue is the key to improve their public relations. Parents must counsel and instruct them in the right way without exerting too much pressure and authority.

The adolescents of the previous era had to devote most of their time towards studies and assisting in household activities. Actually they are influenced by many innovations affecting their existence. Alongside with educational activities they are engaged in other aspects of life. In fact, they are enthusiastic about anything related to entertainment such as pop stars, music, football, sports, holiday making, cinema, video game, rambling and outings. With the advent of co-education, there is free communication and dialogue between both sexes. It must be pointed out that it is an important tool to dispose of shyness and to eliminate barriers among teenagers. Time planning is done in such a way that there is an equilibrium between educational and leisure activities. Going out with friends to different places like dancing, eating burgers and fast food in snacks, relaxing in gardens and parks with the opposite sex are activities which they enjoy. Exchanging views on different subjects like for example the TV serial 'Beverly Hills is considered as beneficial impacts on their emancipation.

Nowadays, with the rising up of the generation gap, it becomes difficult to understand them and their targets in life. Many young persons have the impression that they are misunderstood by parents and must overcome difficulties before voicing their opinions on several issues. In fact, according to sociologists, they must be given the opportunity to express their views on any subject concerning them. However,it must be pointed out that the adolescents have to cope with parents on certain matters like the choice of careers. Communication between the young and the old generation can be beneficial to both parties to tackle several problems. It is the responsibility of the parents to inform teenagers about the consequences of freedom abuse. Nowadays, dating with a girl or a boyfriend is a normal practice. If somebody does not follow this trend, then he or she is considered as an outsider. This type of relationship helps to fashion the development of their personality and social life as long as there is no misuse of such situation and they remain within boundaries.

Very often teenagers indulge in sexual activities without realising the consequences which may occur afterwards. At a very young age (13-16 years), they are curious to know more about sex. At this period their bodies undergo physical and physiological changes. They must be provided with proper information about sex education lest they might acquire it in the wrong way. Having learnt about it by negative means, they are eager to experience sex and most of the time blunders are committed. The role of sex educators and parents is of primordial importance. The situation should be handled carefully so that appropriate details are given to teenagers to help them differentiate between good and bad. They should be aware about sexual diseases like HIV affecting our society. In Mauritius the diffusion of sex information is widespread owing to the efforts of organisations like the Mauritius Family Planning Association which attends schools where talks and seminars are carried out by professionals. Even a hot line has been set up for any inquiry. Before involving in sex it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that the teenagers have gathered adequate information. There must be a constant dialogue between both parties.

The youth of to-day is the leader of to- morrow. This leitmotiv is pronounced by politicians to motivate adolescents to join the fields of politics. Very few of them are really interested in it. Most of them adopt an indifferent attitude towards politics. The main reason for this conjecture is that nowadays there is a complete deviation from the real objective. The principle of serving the electorate is no longer respected. Many politicians are work for their own interest instead of being loyal to the population. Their own benefits are given priority at the detriment of general welfare. This state of affairs has de-motivated teenagers ' interest in politics. Moreover, they are discouraged due to the eruption of several scandals and a high rate of unemployment. The young generation is not keen about politics although the political parties have persuaded it to go ahead. A group of students have been given the opportunity to attend parliamentary sessions. A true sense of patriotism should be inculcated in them based on a fresh approach to convince them to embark in this career.

The young generation has to play its part in the construction and development of the modern society. With the proper advice and assistance of the older generation teenagers can achieve their targets in life They must go hand in hand to promote general welfare and harmony. Adaptation problems can be solved with the participation of both parties. The younger generation should consider the older one as a torch which will shed light in their existence.

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