The Innovative Value of a Car MP3 Player

The electronic industry is highly innovative. In recent times, the use of a car MP3 player has replaced the old-fashioned cassette players. These advancements have indeed served to enhance sound quality that makes audio productions quite enjoyable to listeners.

In addition to the user-friendly interface, car MP3 players offer aesthetic appeal to the interior of the vehicle. This audio device is highly essential for every vehicle on the road. In comparison to ordinary CDs, a MP3 works by compression of music files. Because of being track-based, the size of a 5-munite music file on a CD is about 50MB. On the other hand, it is averagely 10MB on a MP3. The latter provides more music interface than the former - that is, more songs can be compressed into a MP3 than the ordinary CDs. Also, CD clutter is minimized on the dashboard.

A wide variety of these music players can be found on the market from the product lines of companies like Samsung and Sony. Car MP3 players are very unique in terms of durability and sound quality. Other alternatives to the players are portable play stations, iPods, car mobile mp3 players, and so on. Although their features are similar, these models differ to some extent.

Basically, the features that most of these audio devices support include:

• Track name
• Song ID display
• Motorized detachable panels
• Heat-proof quality
• FM and AM stations facility

More so, the play menu contains program, shuffle, repeat, and intro play options. The device also has an EQ preset, volume controls with a mute button, a USB port, a digital clock, and an auto-memory store. There are models that have an ISO mounting chassis. Typically, players that have USB memories and equalizer designs are usually expensive.

Furthermore, some brands of the device have features for connection with external speakers. Using a transmitters and a modulator can enable the connection of the device with a USB disk to read any audio files that are stored in the external storage drive. The FM transmitter serves to transfer signals to the car tuner while the output audio is obtained from the speakers of the player.

In a practical sense, the use of a car MP3 player is a great investment. The device is a good way to enjoy quality audio sound; it also adds to the beauty of a car's interior as it helps to add sensual appeal to the overall design.

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