Marble Tiles for the Timeless, Victorian Feel in Your Home

This timelessness and everlasting appeal is exactly why Marble tiles have stood the test of centuries. Right from the courtyards of Caesar, the indulgence of European Palaces during the Renaissance and the Taj Mahal to more recent architectural landmarks like the Trump Tower in New York, this building material has had an illustrious career. In residences, marble is most suited for floors, but its application is also being extended to add dramatic flourishes and accents to kitchen backsplash, countertop, living room foyer, pool and garden areas, hallways and bathrooms. It is being used for the sample applications in commercial buildings too.

So, how exactly did this unique stone originate? It is basically a type of limestone, but is subject to tremendous amount of heat and pressure while remaining deep in the earth over millions of years. This causes the original limestone to re-crystallize into marble. The various veins like patterns running across the stone and the rich range of colours (depending on the minerals which were re-crystallized) give this stone its unique appearance. They are then quarried and processed into slabs or tiles depending on the purpose. Then, it is polished and small fissures in the tiles are filled to protect the appearance and structural durability of the stone.

Much has been said about the elegance and aesthetic appeal of the stone. But, what are the practical benefits? Most health-conscious consumers opt for marble tiles not just for their resilience, but also due to their anti-allergen properties. That's why it is a great alternative to floor carpets which breed germs and allergens more easily. Cooling costs can be reduced during summer months when it becomes a pleasure to walk barefoot on them,

But the unique patterns of each marble tile become its bane and matching them tile to tile becomes a headache. We have to ensure that all tiles originate from the same batch during installation. Marble surfaces need to be sealed and cleaned regularly using mild detergents. Any spills or stains must be cleaned immediately. This tile also cracks easily and when it does, it shows in a very obvious, ugly fashion. But the most forbidding factor that prevents middle-class families from using this material in their dream homes is the exorbitant costs.

Yes, it is true that the versatility of marble shows itself most strikingly in the special artefacts and sculptures that it is a part of. But any proud homeowner who has styled his home using this tile will vouch that no matter how simple the application of marble tiles is in your home, be it for floor or wall tiles, the result is always spectacular. It is nothing less than a beautiful piece of art. Your marble floor or wall becomes a monument to itself as it is to your sophisticated taste and penchant for the ultimate in luxury.

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