How Many Bathroom Cabinets Is Too Many? Choosing the Right Bathroom Furniture

Now that we have overcome the fashion for sparse minimalism in the bathroom that has been the prevailing design trend for several years, and now that bathroom furniture is back in a big way, a few new questions have questions have presented themselves. Which cabinets and units should I opt for? Can I overload my bathroom with too much furniture? Fortunately, it is largely a matter of personal preference, but here a few ideas to help to you make your decisions.

To create a bathroom free from clutter, to create a peaceful atmosphere in which you can relax. Then storage is going to be required. All those cosmetics and toiletries may well be essential to your daily routine, but all that mismatched packaging and multi-coloured irregularity can easily make a bathroom feel cramped and busy.

Due to the resurgent popularity of bathroom furniture, there are now hundreds of varieties of bathroom storage options available, in all manner of styles, size and finish. A great starting point when selecting units is the basin vanity unit. Fitted beneath, either incorporating or providing a counter for, your basin, a vanity unit will provide you with a storage area for all of the items that tend to accumulate around the basin, whilst keeping them stowed away neatly and in easy reach.

To accompany the vanity unit, above your basin, why not upgrade from your bathroom mirror to a mirrored, wall-mounted cabinet? Internal shelving will allow you to separate cosmetics or toiletries by category, or by bathroom user, and the height of the unit will provide a safe place to store any medicines out of reach of children.

To move on from the basin area, a fitted unit around the toilet cistern is another great place to store cleaning products discreetly. One of the key benefits of fitted furniture around your fixtures, aside from storage is that it will also cover up plumbing and pipework to lend a far more streamlined look to your bathroom. Fitted units that join the basin and toilet are also available, which will create ample storage space, only occupy floor area that usually goes unoccupied, and create a unified stylistic theme throughout the room.

After your fitted units and mirrored cabinet, most of your essential storage requirements should be met. However one final trick to complement your bathroom with a little flair is a freestanding shelving unit, or 'tallboy'. These tall narrow units can be a great place to store towels, or with open-faced models, a wonderful display area for any photo's or design flourishes you may wish to include.

So measure up your available space and start planning. Your bathroom can be transformed into a serene and ordered space with the addition of just a few well-chosen cabinets. And remember, the colour, finish and much more are all still entirely up to you! Happy hunting.

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