Size and Shapes of Gemstone Cabochons

Cabochons, often known as cab stones are gemstones cut in certain shapes and sizes to suit the requirements of the users. These can be cut and shaped as per the requirements and can be used in jewelry making, gift articles, fashion accessories and can be put to endless creative projects.

These are mostly made in gemstones which are opaque and textured in stones like Larimar, Smithsonite, Gongunjula, Zebra Jasper, Plume Agate, Flintstone and the list of stones is endless. The shapes that one can make in these stones again are varied. These can be cut in Round, Square, Trillion, Heart, Pear, Tear, Oval, Marquise, Rounded Square and many more as per the needs of the projects. The shapes are usually mounted on the top and flat at the bottom so that these cabs can be set in any jewelry or surface in the project.

Once the shape of the cab is determined, then the size is perfected by the cutter. The size depends on the shapes and the stones as some stones are soft and can only be made in smaller sizes where as some stones are hard and the cabs can be made in sizes ranging to almost 50mm and more. The sizes of the stone plays a significance role in marking the usefulness of the cabs as bigger the stone will not fit in collate and smaller the stone, it will come off easily. Hence the size needs to be perfect for any cab.

The cabochons not only come in calibrated or fixed sizes but are also available in free form shapes. The free form cabs are an assortment of cabs without any specific size or shapes and can be used as irregular shaped jewelry and accessories. These are usually more in demand as this can be used by any individual to be used in any free form projects without the fuss of perfect sizes and shapes.

Cabochons are coming up in the jewelry industry with a boom as these are not only reasonable in prices as compared to the cut stones but are available in beautiful colors and textures. The textures vary from cab to cab as no two cab can be exactly similar in texture. The colors can be picked as per the seasons as well as one can find a variety of choices to choose from. Cabochons, being made from original gemstones are exquisite and exotic ranging from a vivid red to a wild blue to some greedy greens.

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