How Effective Is Online Training in Enhancing Workforce Productivity

For an organization-wide training program to be truly effective it has to fulfill many purposes. First of all, the training modules should be designed keeping in mind that it covers all possible areas of a particular subject matter. The best instructors and trainers should be hired to teach; and the entire process of registration and communication with the employees should be managed methodically. A streamlined approach to all these three factors can enhance the overall effectiveness of a training program. Online training management solution is a Cloud-based software application that makes this possible by automating a large number of significant, back-end operations.

Many people are skeptical about the efficiency of online training. However, whether training should be delivered online or onsite entirely depends on the industry and the organization in question. If the training requires hands-on practical skills, then obviously an online training will not suffice. However, if it is software-based training or computer-aided designing or manufacturing training then one can surely opt for a web-based training program. Then it is no longer logical to organize an instructor-led on-site training program. In fact, in such cases, web-based training programs are found to be more effective in improving employee skills. A larger number of employees can be included in the program and if a business has offshore facilities then they can make the training available to employees deployed at those locations as well. The entire proposition is far more affordable than organizing an onsite program.

Nevertheless, on availing a comprehensive online training management solution, any kind of training program is managed in a superior fashion. The software helps in fast creation and uploading of online training registration forms that can be accessed by all, 24/7. Payment processing can be done confidently by using the associated online payment management solution. One can track the registrations and payments being made online in real time and store the data securely in a centralized database that can be accessed round the clock. All employees, trainers, stakeholders, and key customers can be communicated effectively using the bulk email messaging tool; and the training program can be promoted widely across social media channels using powerful productivity tools designed exclusively for the purpose.

Moreover, there are many other features and facilities of online training management solution that makes a training program even more effective, be it onsite or online. The software facilitates have significantly improved student-instructor interactions. This is a great advantage since in a traditional training set-up most of the times trainees fail to interact uninhibitedly with their instructors. There is an unseen barrier between them. Instructors deliver their lectures, study material is handed out at the end of the sessions. Even if there is an open-question session at the end, it is wrapped up within a very short span of time. In online training or in an onsite training, which is organized using training management software, this is not the case. Students and instructors can interact with each other via a number of social media tools.

All these facilities make the training interactive and productive to a great extent.

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