Finding New Looks For Recycle Bins

There is more support for recycling than ever but that doesn't mean people like the traditional containers for recycling. Consumers want more from their waste disposal products and manufacturers are listening. Buyers today have a range of choices in recycle bin design.

The Traditional Look

Municipal containers for recycling are built for function rather than form. They are, in a word, ugly. They are boxy and ungainly, designed to accommodate the claw on a recycling truck for easy pickup and dumping. The bright blue color used by most cities is meant to make it easy for city workers to spot them, not for aesthetics.

On the other hand this look has help imprint them on the minds of consumers. We see that particular shade of blue and think "recycling". Attendees at an event can spot the place to toss that soda can from across the room so they are less tempted throw it in the convenient trash bin nearby. And, to be fair, the look works in industrial or even residential areas. However it's not really the best accent to an upscale party or executive office building.

The New Look

Manufacturers offer a wider range of options on today's containers for recycling. Buyers can shop an enormous palette of colors that rivals what they would find in a fashionable home design store. Two- or three-tone bins are common. It's easy to match the color scheme of the bin to the decor so they don't stand out.

Buyers can also choose from a variety of shapes and designs meant to satisfy both function and form. Multi-opening containers for recycling presorts the waste for more efficient disposal and a variety of shapes and sizes means you don't have to use the same recycle bins in parking garages and in public restrooms. Custom logos and advertising panels allow buyers to tailor the bins to meet high artistic standards.

The Balanced Look

It's possible to go too far when designing an attractive recycle bin. If an event planner orders containers for recycling that are so artistic people don't realize their purpose then nobody is going to use them! The bins should stand out from the background a little bit so people don't have to search for them.

Look for a compromise between looks and purpose to create bins that do the job without detracting from the surroundings. It's fine to tuck them discreetly out of the way or order bins sporting the same color scheme as the surroundings. The containers don't have to shout "recycle bin" but they should whisper it quietly.

If you still think of municipal containers for recycling as your only option, check out your local dealer to see the latest models. You'll be pleasantly surprised by how attractive and functional modern bins have become.

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