How to Use Branded Merchandise to Increase Sales

The use of promotional products to heighten brand awareness is a well known and indisputable marketing technique, but scepticism is often directed towards the capability of firmly increasing sales through such strategies. However, with a firm strategy in place, an increase in business is highly possible and quantifiable. Whilst it is always good to give a gift, there must be a positive benefit to such expenditure - the best of which would be an increase in sales. There are a variety of ways to approach this.

As an incentive for contact. Promotional gifts can be used to encourage visitors to a stand at a trade show or exhibition, therefore capturing an increased number of potential customers. Similarly, an incentive gift can be given in exchange for requesting a quotation or 'liking' a new product/service on a Facebook page.

As an accumulative loyalty reward. In order to drive repeat business and customer loyalty, promotional gifts may be offered on a tiered basis. This has a self perpetuating benefit; customers loves to save and collect points, particularly for a reward, and this has a huge impact on sales across many industries.

As a unique reward for custom. To increase new business, or as a marketing technique to acquire customers, good quality promotional products are the perfect sales incentive. Items which are exclusive or 'on trend' can become highly sought after, and work well as time limited promotions.

As a branded item for resale. By applying your branding to a variety of promotional items which are offered for sale, a company can encourage customers to covet their products, and therefore create an endless cycle of supply and demand. When branded products are seen for sale, the illusion is created of a fashionable brand which is worth paying for. Many top companies sell products such as branded mugs, helping to create a positive brand image.

In addition to the above, impression and image are vital to creating a brand identity; which can in turn help to increase sales. Although measuring direct sales from branding campaigns is more difficult, it is widely acknowledged that consumers are far more likely to purchase from a brand that is trusted and recognised. Promotional products can help to achieve this by providing a tactile reminder of a product or service, whilst offering 'something for free'. Indeed, for many businesses with a limited marketing budget, this can be a very cost effective way to build brand loyalty and ultimately sales.

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