Graphic Design - A Comprehensive Guide

Graphic Design - A Comprehensive Guide

One of the most popular forms of art in today's world is graphic design. This form of art is utilized in many different ways. Individuals that engage in digital art are professionals that specialize in creating visual forms of communication that combine certain elements, such as word, images and specific ideas in order to convey some type of information to the individuals that make up the audience that will observe the art. Industry professionals are directly responsible for taking various forms of media and arranging them in such a way that a particular message is conveyed successfully. Popular forms of media used in this type of art include packages, photographs, posters, drawings, and websites. Special focus is placed on the elements of shape, color and texture. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn many facts pertaining to the art of graphic design.

The Effectiveness of Visual Communication

Various types of studies have concluded that visual communication is one of the most successful forms of communications for individuals, organizations and businesses. According to the information from case studies, sight is the most commonly used of all of the senses that humans possess. The information also includes that 75% of all of the stimuli that is contained in the environment is received through the visual based reception processors of humans. When the University of California conducted a study, they were able to conclude that 55% of all that a particular audience learns is a direct result of visual messages presented to them. Visual aids, such as the art of graphic design, assist in helping individuals retain the messages that they have received, according to the Wharton Research Center. When information is presented in a verbal fashion, only 10% of it is retained. However, when combined with graphic design pieces, the retention rate moves up to an amazing 50%. Each piece of art created through graphic design is utilized to reach a certain objectives. It has been found that audience objectives are at least 67% successful. This was established by Decker Communications. If you have a need for an art form that will relay certain types of communications in a visual manner, graphic design is the best option.

The Creative and Innovative Approach

Individuals that specialize in digital art combine their creativity with various forms of innovative technology in order to effectively communicate their ideas. These professionals are known to take drawings, paintings, pictures, and even images generated by computers to create visual images that will be retained and recalled precisely by the audience that is subjected to the images. You may find graphic design pieces in many different places. Examples of these include logos that are associated with certain brands, personal and professional websites, on business cards, on specially designed advertisements, located on books, throughout brochures, on the packages of certain products, on billboards, in magazines, on newspapers, located on posters, on greeting cards, and even on vehicles through wraps and signs. Digital art is all around us, and it is quite possible for one person to see millions of graphic design art pieces each and every single day.

Graphic Design versus Web Design

Many people confuse graphic design and web design by believing that they are the same. However, this is not accurate. Web design is based on the habits that are associated with the target audience of the website. Each page on a website interacts with other pages; whereas, the pages designed through graphic design art do not interact with each other. While it is true that websites communicate through pictures, they most commonly relay messages through content. People that visit websites scan the information listed on the pages for specific keywords, certain types of phrases and even icons that assist in maneuvering them to other pages. Graphics, images and various types of typography are utilized in the art of graphic design to produce a certain idea. While it is true that digital artists have the ability to create graphics that may be used on a website, they are not programmers. Web designers use all of the same elements that graphic design artists utilize. However, instead of focusing on standard media types that are offline, they use the internet to display all of their created artwork. Digital art is not limited to programming, whereas web design is limited by programming.


Digital art is a unique type of art. It is a visual form of communication that aids in presenting ideas and other types of messages to individuals. In some instances, it is used to identify a product, a service, a company, an individual, or an organization. Individuals that specialize in this type of art often rely on words, images, texts and other types of media in order to create a specific design and/or message. While digital art may be used on websites, it is not the same as web design in that it is not limited by the programming languages that are utilized on the World Wide Web. It has been established that visual communication is one of the most detailed and beneficial forms of communication - especially for organizations and businesses. If you have an idea or a message that you would like to be displayed through art, graphic design is an option that is sure to bring you high levels of success.

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