Going To Lincoln? You Will Have A Good Time

Besides the Cathedral the building of Lincoln University 1996 attracted great numbers of young people who want to live there and who have given the city new life and vitality.

As with most progressive cities there are excellent shopping experiences, entertainment outlets and leisure facilities available.

The manufacturing industry is a major employer today and includes heavy machinery, automobile and electronic parts, food products, light engineering and more recently the increase of the tourist, retail and service sectors are playing an increasingly important part in the economy of the area.

As is usual with the emergence of such a vibrant city as Lincoln there are also new and exciting as well as traditional places to go and things to see. A quick look at what is available in this area finds that among interesting places to go are:

Lincoln Guildhall

Within Lincoln Guildhall is the office of the Mayor, Lincoln's Civilc Insignia and the City's Council Chamber, It is to be found above the Stonebow Arch which is the 15th century gateway on the site of the old Roman south gate. It also houses the City's Charter, dated 1157, which pre-dates the Magna Carta.

Lincolnshire Road Transport Museum

Want to see a collection over 65 vintage cars, buses and commercial vehicles then visit the Lincolnshire Road Transport Museum in Whisby Road Lincoln.

The collection spans 77 years of road transport history and is run by The Lincolnshire Vintage Vehicle Society.

Among the interesting displays available is a traditional vehicle workshop.

More information is available from Lincolnshire Vintage Vehicle Society

Lincoln Cathedral

Sitting in splendour on the top of a hill Lincoln Cathedral is the most prominent structure on Lincoln's cityscape. It can be seen from up to 25 miles and with its rich and varies history displays a fine example of Gothic architecture.

The Waterside Shopping Centre

The Waterside Shopping Centre is one of the more modern experiences to be had in Lincoln. It can be found at the heart of the city and next to the River Witham. Within its covered shopping area lies some of the most famous names on the high street as well as some of the main fashion stores.

Bishop's Palace

Originally built in 1163 it was rebuilt at the end of the 12th century. The remains of the Medieval Palace of the Bishops is situated near the cathedral. Now in the care of English heritage the grounds house vineyards for which guided tours are available.

Truly a city that is full of historical significance and well worth a long visit.

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