Cultural Awareness and the Decelerating Development

Cultural awareness can be divided into two groups. The first group is the asymmetric individual cultural awareness. It is grown through the experiences, learned abilities and -knowledge in relativity with the membrane culture the individual has lived in. This also includes the base culture of an individual, the family culture, which influences in psychological development the most.

The second group is the mass awareness of the individuals a part of the host culture, combined into a larger whole from the features mentioned above.

So, how can we understand how the cultural development can be decelerated? We can approach this from the content of awareness in a mass. And then, by understanding the collective time produced by the combined individuals. The collective time of a population of 10 000 000 individuals can be for example be formulated to be 16 hours of waking hours * 10 000 000. This leads to the total of 160 000 000 hours/day. If all of these individuals are active members of society, then what they can in a mass accomplish would take for one individual 18 264 years to accomplish. That is, if all of the individuals would spend their time productively for the whole 16 hours/day.

The deceleration takes place in how the content of the awareness in a mass is divided. Their skill set, and knowledge, downsized with focusing the time available for a day to unconstructive actions and knowledge.

In order for the culture to avoid various decelerating variables, mentioned in this paper and in the vaster variety not mentioned, the responsibility does not fall as much for the education system as it does to the individual. Such ideals as the mastery of knowledge and such icons as polymaths do not appear to be as important for the mainstream culture now as it did in the time of renaissance. What we have in fact experienced is a decadence and deterioration of the highest ideals of humanity.

The time and development of the individual's awareness in existence is consumed by mass media, commercialism, values, and gaming. They are in the value of knowledge and time spent as a mortal irrelevant at best. This corruption and psychological pollution of commercialism decelerates the development of a culture. It slows it down and produces awareness that has no relevance to the real world. The icons of renaissance have been replaced by less than mediocre celebrities. And worse, the lives have been focused into a spending spree of dissipating ideals until the next season of fashion and trends of commercialism appear.

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