Brightening Your Bathroom: Adding Character Through Colour

Recent fashion in bathroom decor has dictated that we all adhere to a minimalist, white, streamlined look, which, although it can make a room seem light, airy and spacious, can sometimes end up feeling a little cold and sterile. Trends and tastes are always evolving, though, and introducing colour into bathrooms is becoming ever more popular, in order to inject a little warmth and character back into these rooms that we all use everyday.

Gone forever are the avocado and apricot suites of old and the vast majority of bathroom fixtures and fittings are, and will remain, white. However, with the resurgent popularity of bathroom furniture that has occurred during the last few years, suppliers and designers are now producing a vast array of different coloured finishes and styles to brighten up the modern bathroom.

Naturally finished wooden bathroom furniture is a great and subtle way to lend a bathroom a feeling of warmth and texture. The organic feel of the mismatched grains and shades will help to offset the more clinical elements of your sanitaryware. A bold and striking choice is to opt for darker woods, such as Walnut or Wenge, which can seem sturdier and more luxurious than lighter woods such as pine and oak.

As well as bathroom furniture, wooden framed bathroom mirrors and mirrored wooden cabinets are also a simple way to introduce a slightly more tactile quality to your bathroom whilst providing storage space and keeping the room feeling spacious.

Coloured tiles in specific areas of the bathroom can be a great way to accent and highlight different areas of the room. Bright mosaic tiles behind the basin or around the bath and shower can make a great design statement and really add flair and panache to your bathroom.

Heated towels rails are becoming more popular year on year and a towel rail with a bright chrome finish will be a striking and eye-catching addition to any bathroom, which is eminently practical as well stylish. When you have a towel rail installed, why not then finish the room off with coordinated and colourful towels and bathmat.

So from incorporating wooden furniture to give the room a warm and tactile ambience, to incorporating statement areas of bright tile, to simply adding some colourful and coordinated accessories, it really is easy modernise your bathroom and add that colour that's been sorely lacking in recent years. Research and experiment, whatever your preferred colour scheme, you'll be able to find the perfect way improve your bathroom. And don't that fresh coat of paint; a light pastel shade, rather than white walls, can make a hugely beneficial difference.

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