Reduce Expenses and Improve Cash Flow at Your Self Storage Facility

The self storage industry has been constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to improve the cash flow at the facility in order to become more profitable. The profits at such self storage units need not always come from additional cash flow, it can also come from reduced expenses. Reducing the money spent on fluff pursuits can bring a considerable difference to the overall expenses and profits at a self storage unit. Some of these areas include:

Efficient Staff

It is prudent to hire the most top notch staff at your facility. They might demand a higher pay scale, but the experience, knowledge and skills that you would be adding to your company would help it benefit immensely. This would bring in additional profits, higher sales, and at the same time reduce your overtime costs.

Check Recurring Expenses

It is often seen that facility owners become complacent about the costs incurred by the facility on a regular basis and make no special efforts to regulate or periodically check them. This is a grave mistake. They should price shop for administrative needs as there are a number of players in the market, vying for clients. You can get the best deals that give you additional features for your needs relating to pest control, landscaping, water supply, transportation, office supplies, print services, etc. you would be surprised to know that people save above 50% of their money by following this one simple step.

Training the Staff

Training your staff to follow cost-effective and client friendly practices can benefit you immensely in the long run. Not only will present your company in a better light, but also bring in additional business for your facility. This would in turn multiply your profits. Training of the staff can be done easily and does not require you to spend any additional costs on it.

Marketing your Facility the Right Way

Replace your age old marketing strategies with new, more effective, and more pocket friendly marketing options that give you greater control over your marketing efforts and choice of target audience. Online marketing is a great tool at your disposal that can help you achieve your marketing targets in a better fashion as compared to physical marketing. Also, give smart incentives instead of heavy-on-pocket incentives to your prospective clients to do business with you.


As small as they might seem sometimes, the costs incurred by small expenses at the facility amount to huge expenditures. This is why you must take note of all the small expenses being paid off for at your facility and not just make sure you pay your bills in time, but also keep a tab on all the bills. You must keep the bills together in check the monthly budget and tabulate it.

These measures when taken into consideration provide a great way to reduce your bills and earn greater profits at your self storage facility.

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