Outrageous Attributes to Love Men For

What Substance... or Quality... Do You Look For In Men?

Why do you suppose women, all over the world, have trouble discerning "marriage material" men from "non-marriage material" candidates?

What's the deep mystery behind determining if a first date, or a distant acquaintance, or an old college love who wants to get back into your life... is worthy enough to share your future?

No mystery really. It takes knowing what you want and who you want to bring into your life.

Let's face it - to find a man who is as enthusiastic as you are about love, marriage, family, as well as a lifelong commitment to you and what you want is outrageous! Isn't it?

But you know what? Women do it every day. Why not you?

What About the Way Men Look?

Looks, physical appearance, can be very a very deceiving attribute and cannot be relied on as an indicator of anything... other than how a man looks.

Have you ever considered Mr. Right may be fashion challenged?

Or that Mr. Wrong, who may be cut, can be camouflaged a great looking suit or even a T-shirt and look like he stepped right out of Men's Health or GQ magazine?

Don't be fooled.

What About Men and A Woman's Looks?

Well, men tend to be very easily visually stimulated. Typically, what excites a man at first sight tends to be what he thinks he wants. Certain physical attributes of women stimulate some men more than others. "Love at first sight." You get the idea.

Form follows function.

And don't blame guys for this. I'm sure Mother Nature had something in mind when she designed men's hormones to cause men to act in seemingly very confusing ways.

One More thing About A Guy's Looks - And This is Important

A man's looks should be secondary to the positive personal qualities he possesses. If you are in doubt about this, just ask your Mother. She'll be more than happy to explain it to you.

Just kidding.

But think about this...

You may find a man, not the most handsome man in the world, with a great personality who likes going to the mall, sometimes, likes dancing as much as you do and takes as much interest in your career outside the home as much as you do.

It can happen!

Some Attributes to Look For?

Determination, personality, intelligence, ambition, a sense of humor, caring, commitment to you and your family, and a willingness to share a long life together... are certainly useful.

Have you considered someone who would be permanent and reliable in your life? Someone who possesses a world view rather than a narrow view of life and living? Someone who can see most, if not all sides of an issue or problem... someone you can depend on to act in the best interests of you and your family at all times?

These are some outrageous attributes you might look for in a man.

Which of these, or other attributes, mean the most to you?

Those are the ones to look for!

One last thing - and this is important too... have fun looking!

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