Medical Sales Vacancies: 3 Steps To Getting Hired

Medical sales vacancies are one of the most oversubscribed job vacancies around. Once you realise what a fantastic career it is and one that is incredibly well paid you will understand why. All the more reason to make sure that you are fully prepared for you interview so that you are the candidate accepted for the key medical representative role. Here are 3 key activities that all successful candidates perform

1. Understand the Medical Rep Role

So often candidates turn up for prospective medical sales vacancies without knowing anything about the role. Medical sales are different especially in the UK. In the majority of cases you will not walk away with an order. Instead you will have a conversation with the clinician about the advantages of your medication over others and what it can do for the patient it is prescribed for.

As a medical representative it helps to have an interest in science and medicine. That goes without saying. Having a qualification in Biology or human physiology will certainly help, to understand the scientific facts that need to be conveyed. At the end of the day a medical representative is also a sales person. A sales person that needs to be organised and planned and one that can also sell persuade and influence.

2. Have Knowledge About The Company

So often prospective new medical representatives turn up for an interview with little thought or planning. With the world wide web at our finger tips there is no excuse for turning up without knowing anything about the company. Savvy candidates have even been known to approach other representatives from that company to get an idea of who is who and what is what. This is easy to do with some fore thought and planning. Imagine how impressive it is for the sales manager that interviews you, to see that you have done your homework. It is a good idea to know the last year's financial results, the key therapy areas, what the company Goal and vision is. Reading their website will give you a great feel for the company its ethos and values. Remember companies don't just recruit on your skills. In today's era of corporate responsibility and employee engagement having good values is also important to your new employer.

3. Dress For Success

This might be old fashioned and yet it works. Period. If someone can't turn up smart for an interview when it really, really matters, what they will do on a cold winter's morning in Scunthorpe when no one is watching.

You don't have to spend a fortune either. A clean pressed suit or skirt and jacket does the trick. Clean shaven or a trimmed beard works as well for the guys. Personal hygiene might sound strange and pay attention to it. Make sure your hair is neat and tidy or well styled. Aftershave or perfume is fine. Just don't go crazy with it. You want to convey an image that fits with the company. If in doubt dress up rather than down. In the world of medical sales smart professional dress is expected when you see customers.

If you want to apply for a medical sales vacancy, and stand a chance of being hired make sure you focus on these 3 steps.

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