Spend the Festive Season in Bristol

Some people like to stay at home for Christmas, while others like to visit relatives abroad, or go away for a few weeks with their partner or children. For most people, however, the thought of making plans for Christmas is decidedly unappealing. Where to go? What to do? What to make for Christmas dinner? But this year, why not try something a little different by choosing to visit Bristol, situated in the heart of the south west of England?

But why Bristol? While many people prefer to visit bigger cities that are located further south, such as Brighton, London or Portsmouth, Bristol has a lot to offer every visitor - especially at Christmas. The city is very, very famous for it's vibrant cultural scenes - especially in the music and film industries, but other disciplines, such as art, are also very popular all year round - Bristol is even home to a few pieces of work by the street artist, Banksy.

While Bristol is a vibrant city all year round, it's especially delightful in from November - December, as this is when the city comes alive with not one, but two very different Christmas markets. The first is the famous German market, which arrives in the city on the 9th of November and stays there until the 29th of December, and is home to all sorts of festive favourites, such as the Bavarian Beer Garden, 40 wooden Christmas chalets each selling wonderful things, such as gifts, food, drink and other mementos and a Christmas tree and a carousel for the children.

The second market is the Bristol Local Christmas Market, which opens on the 6th of December. This market sells a fantastic selection of gifts and other items made by local artists and producers, such as unique handmade jewellery, lanterns, Christmas decorations, photographs and musical instruments. Food and drink is also readily available, as the market also boasts a selection of local cider, fashionable craft beer, cheeses, jams, chutneys, chestnuts and much, much more.

When it comes to accommodation, there are a number of hotels located in the very heart of Bristol, in the city's vibrant city centre, where visitors can stay, sleep and eat surrounded by some of Bristol's most famous sites and surroundings. Finding a Bristol city centre hotel can also be much easier than you think, as there is a fantastic selection of hotels, hostels or even B&Bs in the city, which means that there is somewhere for everyone to stay, because the prices can suit any budget - especially if the hotel is doing special Christmas discounts.

So, why not do something totally different - head to Bristol for Christmas this year and experience everything the city has to offer, from fine Christmas food, to beautiful and unique handmade gifts to staying in a Bristol city centre hotel that suits your budget and your needs. It could be the best decision you make all winter.

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