Knowing Your Area Rugs

The idea of using accent rugs for interior décor is one of the hottest in the design industry nowadays. Everywhere in the world, people are buying various types of rugs to spruce up their homes or to improve on their fashion sense. This is all well and good, but it beats the purpose if you buy an item just because it is a fad. The truth is that a huge percentage of people buy rugs without knowing the first thing about them, what they are made of or how they are made. Knowing the type of effort that goes into a rug you want to purchase helps you make a conscious decision about whether or not it is worth the investment. Here are a few key good-to-know rug types that every rug lover should know.

For the wool rug lovers

Any rug expert who knows the first thing about rugs will tell you that wool is the mother of them all. Wool rugs are perhaps the most popular and the most enduring through the brutal techno-years the world has gone through. These are comfort items that are not only classy, but also very immersed in tradition. They are one hundred percent natural, yet they offer comforts that even the best technology has not been able to produce in synthetic rugs. Woollen rugs do not only provide a soft and cozy surface, but also a strong rug that you will use for several years with zero depreciation.

Transitional rug lovers

If you are not a conformist, then these are just the rugs for you. Like the name suggests, they are a type that falls in between two other types of rugs i.e. oriental or traditional rugs and new-age contemporary rugs. By buying transitional rugs, one not only enjoys class and finesse, but also the best of both the old and new worlds. These rugs merge patterns, colours and ideas from these two important times in history to come up with highly elegant rugs for your home. The best examples of transitional rugs are the hodgepodge design that has gained so much popularity that it is now a collectable item.

For throw rug lovers

Of all the types of rugs available, throw rugs are perhaps the most versatile of all. They are very stylish and easy to use whether you want to spend a lot of money or just a little to spruce up a small section on your home on a budget. These rugs are great for protecting high traffic sections in your home, but they can also be used in main areas such as the dining room or sitting room to add a pleasant surprise of colour and intrigue. Sometimes it becomes impractical to use huge floor rugs, especially if the room is very small or too cluttered. In such cases a throw rug can work wonders for your home.

For colourful rug lovers

Different people like different styles of décor. While some will go for the laid back, serious looks achieved using tertiary colours and block designs; others will prefer the colourful and more playful bright colours with interesting designs. The best types of area rugs for this kind of taste are the Persian rugs. The greatest fact about them is that they become more elegant and more valuable with age, so the longer you have them the better it gets, just like fine wine.

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