Create Unique And Permanent Ceramic Images With Digital Ceramic Wall Tiles

With the help of innovative printing technology, manufacturers are able to mimic the surfaces of wood and stone on ceramic. The latest trend in the tiling industry is to use the digitally printed permanent ceramic images on ceramic wall tiles. From the last one or two years, manufacturers are producing wall tiles with permanent images with amazing textures and sparkle. Realistic images are produced by these manufacturers, which results in a designer space on the walls of our living rooms, dining rooms etc. These images are produced with any desired finish according to the design ideas of homeowners. These unique tiles are also known as digital ceramic tiles. These tiles are surpassing the sales of glass, stone or metal finish wall tiles.

As the use of large format tiles is fashionable today, manufacturers are creating images on large tiles with clean and sophisticated images with desirable finishes. Large format tiles look good on floors too, which means that ceramic digital images look great on large floors. Create focal points with these images at the centre of the floors for an amazing look. Ultra-thin tiles are also in vogue now. These reduce costs during installation and transport. They are easier to manage than the thicker counterparts as they cut easily and are lighter in weight.

Ceramic wall tiles are manufactured in many complex shapes like waves, circles, uneven shapes, etc. You also will find the normal geometrical shapes like the pentagon, octagon, hexagon, rectangle and square. Digital images are printed on all these shapes for unique patterns on walls. The present day grouting technology is producing special effects on the tiles. The new techniques of grout reflect glitter and bold hues for a higher visual impact.

Another newer version of tiling technology on ceramic tiles is the nano polish. These special materials are formulated with nano particles that are linked into a silicon matrix. These particles form an invisible layer on the tiles, which gives them excellent dust and water repellent properties. As they do not attract any dust, these do not harbour any bacteria and thus are hygienic. Such surfaces do not get spoiled by spills of food, beverages and any other liquids. They are very easy to clean and stay new for a very long time.

Digital ceramic wall tiles and the nano polished surfaces are the best options for modern homes, where people are pressed for time. These surfaces look amazingly stylish and are very easy to maintain. Create images of modern landscapes or effects of modern paintings with varied textures on the walls of your home.

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