College Dating 101: Getting a Perfect Date

College will never be complete without having experienced dating. It is popular nowadays that senior high school students have their own way of getting a girlfriend or a boyfriend. But it is not the same with college. A lot of students are busy studying or making their thesis or research papers. Everyone is just not into meeting a dating partner since they are too busy building their career.

College is the preparation of getting into the dangerous real world outside the four corners of an academy or university. College students are too preoccupied with getting good grades that will serve as their passport in landing a good job in the future. But as one popular quote says, "All work, no play makes Jack a dull boy."

Dating is a part of growing up. With a fair chance of meeting different people while staying in a university, it is possible to find the perfect dating partner for you. Dating in college is a lot different from dating in high school. Everything seems to be pretty serious during college rather than their high school years. So here are some of the tricks of getting a date in college:

1. Give out mixed signals. Giving out a mixed signal is very simple yet effective. It is whenever a girl cannot figure out whether you like her or not. It sounds a little obvious but most of the college guys do not know how to correctly give off mixed signals to the girl that they like. Adding unsure words at the end of every sentence that you say while conversing with a girl is the best way to start messing with a girl's brain.

2. Break college girl stereotypes. There is a vast majority of college students being named with stereotypes. It is important that you break this and avoid fitting in with their style just to keep up with them. Being unique is one of the things that will give you an edge in dating college girls or boys.

3. Speak out and never be afraid. Most college guys approach a girl that they like in a drunken state. Although it is a bit turn off to most girls at first, boys can keep up by giving out sweet gestures like giving flowers, cards or serenading them. It is quite old fashioned but most girls love this.

4. Never give up. There will be nothing to be ashamed of when courting a girl for a date. Yes. College schedules are too hectic and sometimes, you may find yourself nearly getting drowned with university works. Being persistent is one of the keys of dating. Constantly ask the girl that you like for their schedule to make things in place for a good timing for dinner dates.

5. Never waste a time when you are together. Assure her that every moment with you is the best time of her life. This will give them more memories to cherish and never forget you in the long run.

College dating is one of the fun moments of college. Never waste your time and have fun. You may also join college dating websites which can be easily found in most search engines.

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