Brazil Butt Lift: The Change Behind American Fitness

What is common between samba dancers, ballerinas and people who perform capoiera, Afro-Brazilian fighting style? They all boast of a rear that is toned and firm, yet round, though not flabby. There must be something that keeps their bums perked up. That "something" is Brazil butt lift workouts.

Traditional Brazilian moves are known to flex the rear muscles. This is the reason the famous Brazilian butt lift program includes dance-themed classes, which make the workout more fun and exciting.

Exercise with a difference

Whether it's the Amazonian Rhythms or Tummy Tuck, you can get a taste of the Brazilian moves and grooves that have become a global trend today. Right from celebrities to the person next door, the wave of butt lifting exercises along with some "samba-n-ramba" have become a smashing hit and we don't know what's gonna happen next!

The rise and rise of the Brazil butt lift program

Switch on your TV for the morning fitness segment on WB11 or flip the pages of famous fashion magazines, you would notice features on Brazilian fitness classes and how they have created a storm in the fitness world. They have sent a strong wave of hope to women with bulky or sagging butts, flat butts or butts marked with cellulite.

The workouts with a combination of capoeira styles, ballet moves, butt-shaking exercises and intense cardio movements have shocked Americans and foreigners with its quick and desired rear transformation results.

For Americans, who have been dodging under the excuses of having no time to exercise, suddenly are able to squeeze a few minutes from their hectic schedule to attend the booty-shaking classes or bring home the phenomenal DVDs of Brazil butt lift programs.

The beauty of these workouts is that they are short and thrilling. Some of the workouts last not more than five minutes. This makes them the perfect exercise regime for busy people and those looking for excitement in their lives.

Start with standard squats and plies, then move on to advanced and intense movements, such as dance moves, cardio and plyometrics, and end with a freestyle Brazilian shake. You will feel your heart beat run faster and your fat burn at a better rate.

Look who made this happen!

Leandro Carvalho, a renowned dancer and fitness expert in the Big Apple, provides a pulsating atmosphere in his fitness club, as people groove to the tunes of samba and work towards a fit body.

Voted as the top fitness club in the city by Time Out New York, it is no regular workout club or a gym. The difference lies in the stunning results that Leandro's workout programs provide. The workouts are designed to give you not only a perfect butt, though also a good time while experiencing the Brazilian moves.

This is what happens when a professional ballet dancer from Brazil comes to New York to perform and ends up establishing Brazil butt lift workout classes that win millions of applauds!

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